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Vicki Kawaguchi


Vicki Kawaguchi (2004)


Nickname(s) "Swan"
Birthday November 5
Family Mother
Kenny Kawaguchi (brother)
Friend(s) N/A
Active? Unknown
First Appearance Backyard Baseball (1997)
Last Appearance Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush
Voice Actor(s) Lani Minella (2002-2003)

Vicki Kawaguchi is a character in the Backyard Sports series. Up until 2006, Vicki was known as the ballerina.


Vicki is shown to wear a pink tutu when she plays sports. In the first game, Vicki wore a leotard and her tutu. The games after, she also has a shirt under her leotard.


Vicki has made only one change: her head is more circular.


Vicki has made very major changes, both physically and mentally. Instead of being very nice, she is very sneaky. She appears in a punk tomboy outfit which gives Vicki an edger appearance than her previous appearances.


Vicki has once again made major changes. She is nice again. She wears a school-like uniform, and has a different hair-style.


Vicki's personality hasn't been consistent over the years in the games. In the older games, Vicki showed a high interest for ballet and playing sports. She is a good player much like her brother Kenny. Vicki is displayed as a very sweet girl to anyone. Later on, Vicki's personality changed to not being interested in ballet anymore as she showed interest in the Japanese culture and mangas. She is also drawn her own manga before called Stealth Warriors in the book " Wild Pitch". Vicki also knows strategies on tricking the opposing teams and uses team's strengths and weakness to be able to win. In Backyard Sandlot Sluggers, she is the team captain of the Rockets and loved swimming. She plays her home games in the "Cul de Sac" field (same as the Webber twins, though not on the same team). In Backyard Rookie Rush she plays her home games at the "Capitol Hill" field.


  • In Backyard Baseball 2003, Vicki is seen wearing a bathing suit while dancing on top of a beach ball.
  • Vicki wanted to be figure skater but her mother wouldn't allow it and played Hockey instead. (mentioned in Backyard Hockey)
  • Vicki's last name, Kawaguchi, is Japanese, so her full name would be ヴィッキー川口 (Vikkii Kawaguchi).
  • Vicki shares her stats with Bret Olson in the three original Baseball games.

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