Ladies and gentleman, I got the most awesome news you will ever hear.

On this month of January 2015, Backyard Sports makes it's triumphant return!

Who do we have to thank for this? A company called Day 6 Sports Group. Now this game was a big part of my childhood growing up, And over the years I've grown to love all the games Humongous Entertainment did for them, I don't even mind the ones from 2007. (2009 on the other hand I can't forgive.)

And when I heard when they were coming back, I was so surprised and excited, I will most definatley ask my mom to buy this game for me when it comes out!....As long as it's on the PC and PS4.

As for the release date, it will hopefully be around late January 2015. Till then, i'd say it's high time to spread the word to everyone you know! Tell your friends and family! Tell people who loved the series as a child!

And for the rest of you here, It's time to play the games we love once again! Time to come out of retirement, It's time to bring back the Backyard Sports fanbase to it's full glory!

Thank you Day 6 Sports Group! Thank you to the end!

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