Well, Guess where the spaceship landed this time....HERE!....Oh well, Time to get the alien repellent. :D

In all seriousness, My name is Russelrules44, And I happen to be a wikia veteran. I have been around many wikias for 3 years now, And i'm still going strong today. Now I know what your thinking...What am I doing here?

Well, I, just like all of you here happen to be a fan of Backyard Sports and the colorful characters that come with it, from the handicapped cool bro Kenny Kawaguchi, to optimistic 5 year old Ronny Dobbs, to the slick Delvecchios, to the all-mighty Pablo Sanchez. And we especally love the fact that since 1997, they have been around to give us a retrospective on what it would be like if Pros Played Like Kids....oh yes, those were the days.

I have just recently gotten back into the games after getting bored for some reason. And then I, I have some catching up to do with this series. Considering the fact that it's one of the greatest game series ever made.......well, most of the time at least.

You see, I've been hearing complaints from some very passionate fans from other places that the series was killed when Atari bought it, While I will admit I do like Backyard Football 2009, (Atari game if your wondering.) It did have some work to be done. But it was not NEARLY as bad as people made it out to be....That being said, I still liked them back when they were in their 2D self just a bit more.

But i'm not just some sort of a guy who just writes boring posts, I also do some drawings. Like this for example.

What If Angela Had A Crush On Ace Patterson

(I had a bit of a hard time drawing Ace Patterson.)

(If you don't know what's going on I'll explain, Angela is trying to tell Ace her true feelings to him, Ace has no clue what's going on, Tony and Reese are looking on as Tony is impatient. If you can't speak small, Tony said this. "Oh for goodness sakes Angie! Just say it already!")

When i'm not here entertaining all of y'alls, I also like to build roller coaster, eat pizzas, make some awesome drawings, do some great singing, do basically whatever it is I can do.....

And a project that I will be announcing TOMORROW night....or Monday, if I can't make it by then. But most of all, I'm just another ordinary guy, who is honored to be contributing to this wikia for the first time......

(Oh and B.T.W, I was the person behind Rosario Gazillion. I knew you wanted to know that. :P)

That is all for now, I'll see you around the internet.

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