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    Okay, so I decided I would choose which game from each series that I liked the most, some I haven't played but nonetheless, here's my rankings: 

    Backyard Baseball: It's classic, but the problem I personally have with it is that it's average mechanics (it's not hard to hit a homerun with just an average linedrive and a screaming linedrive practically gurantees a homerun). I do like that it was unique and wasn't mustered by pros yet, but...

    Backyard Baseball 2001:I give this one the best Backyard Baseball game. It improved on the missing mechanics, the AI is a lot smarter, and the characters have depth to them. This game also really spiked up the popularity in the series, as it was my first ever Backyard Sports game I ever got from Staples no …

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    You read what I had to say about Rookie Rush, and so I went out to buy Sandlot Sluggers, the baseball installment of the series. It can be a lot harder than the football version, I can tell you, but if you spend enough time, you'll likely get the hang of it. Again, I'll start off with the bad stuff.

    The first thing I don't like is like in the Rookie Rush, a very lack of customization. Pablo's team SUCKS. Pablo is terrific, as he always is, but the rest of his team...not one of them has more than 3/5 hitting. It was a bit frustrating playing as Pablo's team for the season and, while winning all but 1 game, they were as tight as they should've been.

    I'll also give a small rant on none of the original Backyard kids other than (Pablo, Dmitri, Vi…

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    Pablo Sanchez

    Ashley Webber

    Sidney Webber

    Dante Robinson

    Ernie Steele

    Luanne Lui

    Achmed Khan

    Amir Khan

    Ronny Dobbs

    Ricky Johnson

    Ace Patterson

    Reese Worthington

    Mikey Thomas

    Angela Delvecchio

    Kenny Kawaguchi

    Stephanie Morgan

    Marky Dubois

    Keisha Phillips

    Jocinda Smith

    Gretchen Hasselhoff

    Annie Frazier

    Vicky Kawaguchi

    Arthur Chen

    Samantha Pearce

    Pete Wheeler

    Billie Jean Blackwood

    Kimmy Eckman

    Lisa Crockett

    Maria Luna

    Sally Dobbs

    Joey MacAdoo

    Jimmy Knuckles

    Dmitri Petrovich

    Jorge Garcia

    Tony Delvecchio

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    Rookie Rush Review

    While no where near as good as the games from 1997-2005 Rookie Rush is actually a huge step up from the 2007-2010 games and that is more than just saying much. The Sluggers/Rush era is mixed critically in the fanbase and deservely so. First I'll start with the negatives.

    (Please note this is just Rookie Rush, I haven't yet gotten Sluggers, but I definitely plan too)

    The biggest problems some will have with this game is the lack of customization for players. You can't really choose teammates. You can only choose your captain which are some of the original Backyard Kids that you love (or hated growing up) but you won't have any opinions on the extra players. They're all pretty balanced characters so it really doesn't matter w…

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