I been looking at other wikis. I come to conclude that this wiki is lacking something. All the wiki have something special which something that Backyard Sports wiki don't have.

I want suggestions from all of you on how to improve to Wiki. I'm still learning about the wiki myself and I might get help from others outside of the wiki.

I'm coming to a decison that people are REQUIRED "sign" on for this wiki to make edits due to the fact that I don't know who changes the articles and I can't keep up with people who edit. I only know by IP address. I might decide to do a trial period for anonmoyous wiki users then after that is over, you have to sign up. If you have a problem with this, let me know because I leaning to the side of doing this because I am encourgeing this wiki to be a community.

I might also create a youtube account for this wiki since there may be a decent amount of people who know about Backyard Sports. DA has very few Backyard Sports fans and it's hard to find more. So if anyone knows any BYS, spread the word about the wiki.

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