We need some ideas on how to promote the Wiki. Since we have another Backyard Sports app and the android app is coming soon. It's best to find ways to get the word out since some fans are not aware of this Wiki.

There is some ideas that I need some public opinon.

Ideas to promote the Wiki:

  • Youtube Channel- Thought about this before but I have no equiment to do ' Let's plays' of the games. Plus I have a lot of social media accounts and it would be hard to keep track of it.
  • Tumblr. I been promoting it on my personal Tumblr but the Wiki may need its' own Tumblr but it seems to be not active.
  • Twitter. I'm not sure the activity on twitter but I do not have a big knowlege of Twitter.
  • Wiki Partnerships. We are already currently partnered with Humongous Entertainment Wiki. We may need to look at other partnerships but I'm unsure on how the start it.

Any ideas and suggestions?

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