Hello everyone, you noticed I been actively editing the wiki front page. I been doing that to make the Wiki look more nicer and more welcoming. I haven't touch a lot of this Wiki but I noticed it becoming a little more active. I added fanfiction page for everyone to post their fan work.

I'm also debating to make a rule on Anonymous users to sign up for an account on the Wiki. The only reason is because I don't want spammers like what happened the last time I came back.

A little bit of history about this Wiki, it has been a year since this Wiki was adopted and it went through a lot of changes since then. Right now I'm proud of how the changes went through.

The reason why I adopted this Wiki is because I felt that Backyard Sports deserved it own Wiki and there is not a lot of places for fans to gather ( besides a fan following on facebook.). I found this Wiki through a google search and watched over it. I made my own account here and worked a lot on it then requested to adopt it. Right now I'm the only active admin on this Wiki.

But this Wiki still needs work, please if you know of any Backyard Sports fans. Please tell them about this Wiki and spread the word to anyone about this Wiki.

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