I used to browse on the old website of the Backyard Sports ( yes the old Humongous one) as a kid. I never got the chance to do online play before it shut down.

Now I played around with the WayBack Archive and managed to find some of the old rements. It has old online coaches data and old Backyard fanfiction made by some fans.

If you have been on this website before during the 2001-2003 ( I think around the time when the online play went down). Please let me know if this gave you a blast from the past!

Tell me if this link is not working.

  • Note: Look around at the sidebars first! To find the fanfiction: Go to Inside Scoop, then click on Ref Darby.

BE PATIENT. You may run into errors in some parts of the site. Play around with the site and see what else that you will find.

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