Hello, everyone!

This is your admin here for Backyard Sports Wikia. Sorry, that I'm not so active on this Wiki but I do check on it time to time! I'm now officially looking for someone who can be in charge of theBackyard Sports Wikia Fan Page . I'm looking for someone who is very good at facebook and can keep the Fan Page fresh. I can no longer manage this Wiki and the Fan Page at the same time. So if anyone is interested, feel free to talk to me on my message page!


We are looking for someone who has:

  • A Good grasp of facebook
  • Is COMMITTED to admin the fanpage and stay somewhat active. ( I know this franchise near dead, but I expect "who want this job to at least not "go away and not come back".)
  • At least have knowledge of Fandom/Wikia and this Wikia.

DarkQueen110 (talk) 00:56, October 20, 2016 (UTC)

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