InfoBox change

If anyone has noticed, I slightly changed the Character Infoboxes to have tabs. Now the characters will have one image from each era ( Classic Era [90's) and New Era [ which is only the 2010-2012(?) era where Atari had it or whatever last recent picture the dicontinued characters have.]). There will be a third era tab will be made once the revived Backyard Sports series is up and pictures will be taken to put up there.

Pictures Needed ( Because this requires your effort)

  • Mudshot pictures of ALL Backyard Kids from the 2007-2010 era  with the exception of the ones who made it to Sluggers and Rush. ( Note: Ace and Jimmy don't need era pictures for their infoboxes. Discontinued characters will have the last appearance photo to be their New Era pictures.)
  • Possible game screenshots for the game articles
  • Pictures of some of the Commentors ( except for Backyard Football and Baseball).

Still Looking for a Social Media Person  and Graphic Designer

For these position, you MUST have an Wiki account and reason why you like those positions. You cannot be on Anon when applying for these positions.

The graphic designer will be needed for a new site design and the Social Person person will be running the facebook page ( if possible we can add more social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, or Youtube).

Thank you for your patience and I hope everyone had a Happy Hoildays and New Year!

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