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List of 10  Confrimed Returned Backyard Kids  ( Spoilers/Live update)

  • Pablo Sanchez ( Confrimed) 
  • Luanne Lui ( Confrimed)
  • Achmed Khan ( Confrimed)
  • Tony Delvecchio ( Confrimed)
  • Sidney Webber (  Confrimed)
  • Ashley Webber ( Confrimed)
  • Dante Robinson ( Confrimed)
  • Kimmy Eckman (Confrimed)
  • Ricky Johnson ( Confrimed)
  • Stephanie Morgan ( Confrimed)


I really liked how this game brought back the core roots of the games. This was needed because this franchise was in serious in trouble. This game was hard ( probably since it been a while since I played a Backyard Sports game). There were a returned of some fields and I'll screenshot them later. The designs of some of the Backyard Kids espcially Kimmy ( I was shocked Kimmy made a comeback and Stephanie even made a comeback.). The pros were okay but I never a pro fan much.

The cons were obviously the lack of returned Backyard Kids. I hope they bring on more kids rather than more pros. 

Other than that, this game is a good start. I expect a lot of good things out of this revival.

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