I want to promote some Wiki dicussion due to the revival of the new mobile game. We now confrimed 10 Backyard kids made a return including some of the discontinued characters.

Now I want to ask you which discontinued characters, orginal 30, or new Backyard Kids would you like to make a return?

For me it would be:

  • Angela Delvecchio as she always was my favorite character. I think she should've made a comeback along with Tony. Maybe she was too simliar to Tony but I still think she would a good edition to future games.
  • Gretchen Hasseloff. For some reason I never mind her character and I only liked her because she ran fast. Yes, she was horrible as a batter but she made a heck of a good running back in football. I think a revamp of of her character would do her good.
  • Arthur Chen. Meh I didn't know his character too well but besides Samantha Pearce. I think he would've made a good replacement for Joey MacAdoo. I would've preferred Pablo/Achmed/Arthur friendship honestly. I read one of the Backyard Sports book and I think he far more potential to be a regular. But he got overshadowed by Joey. I think Sam and Arthur got the short end of the stick.

Notice that I didn't add in Kenny or Vicki. I would've love for the Kawaguchis to come back but I don't know how the developers would deal with Kenny espcially since he's in a wheelchair.The other characters coming back would be nice but not all of them were my favs. This is mostly opinon.

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