• ACChen

    I've thought up several new backyard kids that may never cease to exist. Here's another one of them:

    Richard Malfred

    Birthdate: 9/5

    Nickname: Malfred

    Richard Malfred is a huge fan of the Backyard Sports series and is eager to get to experience it while playing in the sports teams. Unlike the other Backyard kids, he prefers to go by his last name instead of his first.

    Which is the most obvious reason why Malfred prefers to be called Malfred?

    A. Richard's too common of a name.

    B. He likes the sound of "Malfred" better than "Richard".


    C. The pros have been acknowledged by their last names, Piazza, Jeter, Garciaparra, etc. etc.

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  • ACChen

    Hi fans! Who'd you think would be the best 4KIDS voice actor for the kids?

    I'd say either Kerry Williams or Lisa Ortiz would do well with Angela, Gretchen, and Kimmy.

    Oh, and do not list any pros here. Only Backyard Kids and/or the commentators.

    What's your opinion? Please write here!

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  • ACChen

    S RANK (10/13)

    1. Pablo Sanchez

    A RANK (9/13)

    2. Vicki Kawaguchi

    3. Mr. Clanky

    B RANK (8/13)

    4. Dante Robinson

    5. Kiesha Phillips

    6. Lisa Crocket

    C RANK (7/13)

    7. Reese Worthington

    8. Annie Frazier

    9. Jocinda Smith

    10. Pete Wheeler

    11. Ricky Johnson

    12. Achmed Khan

    13. Kenny Kawaguchi

    14. Mikey Thomas

    15. Sally Dobbs

    D RANK (6/13)

    16/17. Ashley and Sidney Webber

    18. Dmitri Petrovich

    19. Ernie Steele

    20. Tony Delvecchio

    21. Amir Khan

    22. Luanne Lui

    23. Maria Luna

    24. Stephanie Morgan

    25. Billy Jean Blackwood

    E RANK (5/13)

    26. Gretchen Hasselhoff

    27. Marky Dubois

    28. Angela Delvecchio

    29. Kimmy Eckman

    F RANK (4/13)

    30. Ronny Dobbs

    31. Jorge Garcia

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