Tech State University is a college set in the Backyard Sports world. Their mascot is the Fighting T-Squares. In most of the games, the semi-finals (the game before the championship) is played here.

In all of the games where this field/rink/court is available, you need to unlock it, usually by appearing in the semi-finals.

Backyard Basketball 2004Edit


Tech State University as seen in Backyard Basketball 2004

This stadium is unlockable by making it to the semi-finals. Sunny Day and Barry De Jay watch the game from center court.

Backyard Hockey 2005Edit

Tech State University by raidpirate52

Tech State University in Backyard Hockey 2005

In Backyard Hockey 2005, Tech State University is unlocked by getting your team to the conference finals.

At one end of the rink, a mascot of a Fighting T-Square is displayed dancing around the end boards. The rink also features a concession stand that can be briefly seen in the corner of the building.

Sunny Day and Buddy Cheque broadcast the games in the middle rows of the bleachers behind the team benches.

It is the second most attended rink, behind Humongous Rectangular Gardens.

Both home and away teams feature the same goal horns...sounds like a weenie siren.