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Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan

Placeholder person

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) Bubbles
Birthday August 15
Family Father
Friend(s) Ernie Steele
Active? Yes
First Appearance Backyard Baseball (1997)
Last Appearance Backyard Sports NBA Basketball 2015
Voice Actor(s) Kathy Henson Gehrig (1997-2001)
Emily Corkery (2002)

Stephanie Morgan is a discontinued and recently returned character in the Backyard Sports series.


Stephanie is a fast-talking baseball fanatic. On title cards during the player select screen, she often rambles through a long train of thought (in Backyard Soccer she got to paper vs. plastic shopping bags before suddenly losing herself in the conversation). In the later Backyard Sports games, her voice actor changed and she no longer talks so fast, instead being only fixated on baseball. Her specialty is playing Shortstop. She is always chewing bubblegum and her theme song is a classic baseball fight song.



  • Stephanie's favorite sport is baseball, which she was very good at in Backyard Baseball 97. However, she became slightly weaker in the Major League editions.
  • Stephanie was discontinued somewhere around 2005, but eventually made her return in Backyard Sports Baseball 2015.

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