Sharkbelly Shores by raidpirate52

As seen in Hockey 2005

Sharkbelly Shores is featured by the shore line. It appears in both Backyard Hockey 2005 and Backyard Skateboarding. It may also be on the boardwalk that's featured in Backyard Baseball 2005.

Backyard Hockey 2005Edit

Sharkbelly Shores is one of rinks in the game, and is ready to play in at the start of the game. At center ice, it features a fat belly shark, punning the name. Skateboarders are seen skateboarding around the rink and snow machines keep the ice cool. There's also a hotdog stand in the background as well as a rollercoaster, though no one is ever riding it.

Sunny Day and Buddy Cheque do their broadcasts at the end of the rink.

If the home team scores a goal, a low horn blows. This is the only rink that features no sound for an away team scoring.