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Ronny Dobbs

Ronny Dobbs

Placeholder person

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) "Spud"
Birthday August 10
Family Mother
Sally Dobbs (older sister)
Friend(s) N/A
Active? {{{Active in games}}}
First Appearance Backyard Baseball
Last Appearance Backyard Hockey 2005
Voice Actor(s) Dolores Rogers (1997-2002)
Lani Minella (2002-2003)

Ronny was a character in the Backyard Sports series, being one of the youngest kids in the league (besides Luanne Lui). He was one of the first kids taken out of the series as Backyard Football 2006 did not feature him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is one of the shortest Backyard Kids. In the 90's and early 2000's he had a rounded head, skinny legs, and a small body. In the revamp in 2002 he wore a striped shirt with khaki pants. In 2005, along with the rest of the kids, changed to 3D but relatively looked the same in terms of appearance.


Ronny Dobbs does not like being little and hates to be bossed around by his older sister Sally. He wants to prove to everyone that he's a big kid and "big kids don't cry". However, if he strikes out in Backyard Baseball, he'll cry. He'll also cry if he makes a bad play in Backyard Football or fails to make a penalty kick in Backyard Soccer. In Backyard Hockey 2005, he has a special animation in which if the opposing team scores, he'll pout. However, if he succeeds in a good play in Football or Soccer, he'll jump around excited.

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