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Reese Worthington

Reese 2003

Reese Worthington

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) Big Toe


Birthday May 25
Family Mother
Mary (sister)
Friend(s) Dante Robinson
Active? Unknown
First Appearance Backyard Baseball
Last Appearance {{{Last Appearance}}}
Voice Actor(s) Cathy Faulkner (1997-2002)
William Corkery (2002-2003)

Reese is a character most known for being asthmatic.


Reese, in older games, was known for being somewhat of a dork. He played the trombone, swallowed his retainer constantly, was allergic to grass, and had asthma.

In recent games, Reese is known for being a prankster. He got over his allergies and asthma, although he still runs slowly. Dmitri Petrovich (hypocritically) and Kimmy Eckman are known for hating him, just because he's a nerd.

In one of the books, Tricked Out, he is shown to have a competitive side a bit when dealing with a bully named, Chuck and when he competed with his friend, Dante.

Reese also sticks up for himself and his friends. Especially when he witnessed Chuck trying to kick Dante out of the skate tournament. Reese was willing to give up his place in the tournament for Dante to skate.

Reese's Angry face

Reese's angry face because Kimmy and Dimitri hate him.

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