Power-Ups are specials obtained by the players. These are obtained by performing special actions, every game has different power-ups.

Backyard Baseball Power-Ups.

Backyard Baseball Batting Power-UpsEdit

Aluminum Power Strengthens the baseball bat to almost guarantee a homerun.
Screaming Line Drive Gives the batter a powerful fast line drive, difficult to catch.
Under Grounder Lets the batter make the ball go under ground, popping up in a random location on the field.
Crazy Bunt Makes the baseball go "crazy", making it very hard for the fielders to get it.


Fire Ball The pitcher throws the baseball fast enough to make it catch fire, a very hard target for the batter but also very juice-consuming for the pitcher.
Big Freeze First just an ordinary slowball, but freezes just as it reaches the strike zone and fooling the batter into swinging early.
Zig-zag The pitcher throws a ball that alternates between going right and left.
Corkscrew Makes the baseball go in circles towards the batter, decieving them into possibly swinging for a Ball or miss for a Strike.
Crazy Ball Throws a ball that goes erratic, whilst making laughing noises.
Slo-mo At first an ordinary slowball, but eventually slows way down for tricking the batter into swinging earlier. Easier to hit than a Big Freeze.
Spitball The ball is covered with spit, making it slightly move in another direction. In real baseball, this is an illegal pitch as it is part of the idea of "doctoring the ball" where something liquid or of very small particles are applied to the ball to give it unnatural movement as it flies in the air.

Backyard Soccer Power-Ups.

Cannon The player gives a powerful and fast shot similarily to a cannon in the goal.


The ball goes underground and goes into a random place.
Bowling Ball The ball turns into a bowling ball knocking the opposing team members reaching to the goal.
Tracer The ball turns into a tracer as you can click to where the ball can go.

Backyard Football Power-Ups.


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