The Nutty Bananas are an NPC team in the Backyard Soccer series and the original Backyard Baseball game.

Baseball Edit

Nutty Bananas byb

Nutty Bananas logo in Backyard Baseball

In Backyard Baseball, the team's uniform color is yellow, and the team can be encountered in the postseason (Super Entire Nation Tournament and Ultra Grand Championship of the Universe Series).

Nutty Bananas Game

Nutty Bananas play Green Rockets in in Super Ultra Championship of the Universe Series game at Super Colossal Dome

Soccer Edit

Nutty Bananas bys

Nutty Bananas logo in Backyard Soccer

In the Backyard Soccer games, their colors are lime green (primary) and yellow-green (secondary).

Roster Edit

  • Jay Green (Goalkeeper)
  • Lara Nunez
  • Howard Dawntey
  • Chandler Huggins
  • Courtney Valenchino
  • Vanna Steinman
  • Joella Minone
  • Isaac Drummond
Nutty Bananas Match

Premier Division match between Crazy All Stars and Nutty Bananas at Smith Tech