Mr. Clanky


Placeholder person

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) Automatic
Birthday August 2
Family N/A
Friend(s) N/A
Active? {{{Active in games}}}
First Appearance Backyard Baseball (1997)
Last Appearance Backyard Sports Baseball 2015
Voice Actor(s) N/A

Mr. Clanky is a robot who is the commissioner in the Backyard Sports league. He often makes appearances as the referee in the early Backyard Sports games.

In the later games, such as Backyard Hockey his name is on the championship trophy, the Clanky Cup. He also has a signature to every piece of letter (e.g. the Off-the-Wall Indoor Invitational Tournament invites in Backyard Soccer) or awards won by the player.

He sometimes can be unlocked a playable character to play, such as Backyard Basketball.

In Backyard Football he has a team called the Dummies where a team of robots play the kids during Practice in Season mode.

Mr. Clanky also has a cameo in the intro screen of Backyard Sports Baseball 2015.

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