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Maria Luna

Maria 2003

Maria Luna

Placeholder person

Birthday July 23
Family Mother
Friend(s) Reese Worthington
Active? Unknown
First Appearance Backyard Baseball
Last Appearance {{{Last Appearance}}}
Voice Actor(s) Jen Taylor (1997-2002)
Lani Minella (2002-2003)

Maria Luna was the Hispanic Backyard Sports character who loves pink.



Maria has a long, blue-textured black hair in pigtails, tan skin, and wears a pink dress, pink ribbons in her hair and white sneakers.


Maria's appearance is the same as in 1997-2003.


Maria's appearance is a lot different from the past two appearances. She is shown with long, dark brown hair in braided pigtails and dark, tan skin. She wears a blue and pink western style shirt, tan pants and sneakers.


Maria is no longer in the series, so she has no new appearances.


Maria Luna is a happy-go lucky Mexican-American girl who used to love wearing pink dresses and ponies. Her family owns an Mexican restaurant which she encourages people to come over. She has a collection of "Precious Ponies" in her room. In the older games, she prefers playing on a team with pink uniforms and does better on them. However, she toned down on her love for pink in the newer games. She got her own pony.


  • Maria's full name, translated into English, is Mary Moon. The name of the girl from the Dead Eye Dick song New Age Girl.
  • In Backyard Baseball '97, the only thing Maria wears that matches the team color is her hat unless, of course, her team's color is pink.
  • Amir Khan has a crush on her.
  • She has a cat named RooRoo. In Backyard Basketball, the cat's name is Frank.
  • In Backyard Baseball '03, Maria is seen wearing water wings and a bathing suit while riding on a floating pony.

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