Mamoth CaveEdit

Mamoth Cave by raidpirate52

Mamoth Cave is an unlockable hockey rink featured in the game Backyard Hockey 2005. It is unlocked by winning the championship and unlocking the Tibeti Yetis.

The rink is portrayed as a prehistoric cave with cavemen and a wooly mamoth frozen in blocks of ice. Despite being frozen, they can be seen moving up and down, as well as the mamoth blinking.

When a goal is scored, a torch that the end of the rink cavemen are holding will light on fire. If the away team scores a goal, a donkey sound is heard. If the home team scores, the wooly mamoth makes the sound of an elephant.

Buddy Cheque and Sunny Day do their broadcasts on the further end of the rink, away from the cave's exit.


A game in progress at Mammoth Caves.