Lisa Crocket

Lisa 2003

Placeholder person

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) "Mad Dog"
Birthday December 4
Family Unknown Parents
Friend(s) N/A (Secretive)
Active? Absent in the Sandlot Sluggers spinoffs
First Appearance Backyard Baseball
Last Appearance {{{Last Appearance}}}
Voice Actor(s) Kathy Henson Gehrig (1997-2001)
Lani Minella (2002-2003)

Lisa Crocket (in some games, spelled "Lisa Crockett") is a recurring playable character in the Backyard Sports series. She generally has an introverted personality, and doesn't talk a lot. However, she is a viable athlete throughout many games of the Backyard Sports series.


Lisa has a dark brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a white shirt, giant purple eyeglasses, has red shoes, and wears a white, button up blouse.


Lisa is so secretive, and rarely speaks. She tends to carry a serious demeanor. Also, while she isn't very friendly, but makes up for it by good performance in games.


Her second name originally had one T, later games added a second T after Backyard Hockey.