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Kimmy Eckman

Kimmy 2

Kimmy Echman

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) "Twinkie Toes", "Candy Monster"
Birthday June 22
Family Mother
Friend(s) Jocinda Smith
Dante Robinson
Active? Yes
First Appearance Backyard Baseball (1997)
Last Appearance Backyard Sports Baseball 2015
Voice Actor(s) Corrie-Ann Shenigo (1997-1998)
Dolores Rogers (1999-2001)
Lani Minella (2002)

Kimmy Eckman is a resurrected character in the Backyard Sports series, who is the sugar addict of the group. She was discontinued along with other 11 Backyard characters during the 2007-2009 era. She returned for the mobile app era of the series starting with Backyard Baseball 2015.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Kimmy is a red-haired girl with pigtails tied to ends. She wears a yellow shirt and light brown pants/or shorts. She has freckles on her face as well as green eyes. Kimmy is also short.


Kimmy’s appearance changed a lot compared to her 1997-2003’s appearance. She wears braces and has a burette in her hair. Her outfit consists of a buttoned-up yellow shirt and green pants. Kimmy’s pigtails are still the same but nothing is tied to the ends.


Kimmy is discontinued from the series until 2015.



Kimmy is a tough and aggressive girl with an addiction to sweets. Sometimes she can be mean for example, she calls Reese Worthington “Reese the Worthlessness” and “a Nerd” (stated in Backyard Soccer). Through, Kimmy applies that she was joking. Another example, she is a bully to Maria Luna because she destroys her stuffed ponies. Kimmy is a tomboy who doesn't like girly stuff such as dresses. She loves to get dirty when playing sports and hides candy when her mother told her that she wasn't supposed to eat any. Kimmy is best friends with Jocinda Smith.


  • Kimmy is also one of the characters who has her backyard as a field in Backyard Baseball and Soccer. The field is named “Eckman Acres” and she wasn’t in the league prior to the discovery of it.
  • She is friends with Dante, who later became best friends with Reese. Just because Kimmy calls Reese a nerd doesn't mean she hates him.
  • In the Backyard Baseball 2003 staff roll, Kimmy is seen eating a candy bar while sitting on an innertube.
  • Kimmy returned in the new Backyard Sports game, Backyard Sports Baseball 2015.


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