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Kenny Kawaguchi

Kenny 2


Placeholder person

Nickname(s) "K-Man"
Birthday November 20
Family Vicki (sister)
Friend(s) Achmed Khan
Active? Discontinued
First Appearance Backyard Baseball
Last Appearance {{{Last Appearance}}}
Voice Actor(s) Kiamalise Budak (1997-2002)
Lani Minella (2002-2003)

Kenny Kawaguchi, the cool kid of the group, is a character in the Backyard Sports series. He is the only character with a wheelchair.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Kenny is shown to have a red shirt and blue baseball cap. His wheelchair is blue.


Kenny looks fairly different in newer Backyard games. His cap has been removed and he is shown to have black hair. His shirt has been changed to orange, and his wheelchair looks different.


Kenny no longer appears in the Backyard Sports series, so he has no new appearance. His sister Vicki says in Backyard Football 2008 that he is trying to be a DJ.


Kenny is one of the cooler kids in the league, with dreams of becoming a DJ. In Backyard Football '99, he states he once used one of his mom's records to pretend to use turntables, and later broke it. He goes fast because of his wheelchair. Kenny never lets it be his weakness when playing sports with the other kids. Although, he says it's difficult to shoot basketball or run due to being confined to a wheelchair; he still thinks he is a normal kid despite most people feeling sorry for him. Kenny also showed an interest with robots and stated many times that he will build his wheelchair into a giant robot. Vicki even said (in Backyard Basketball) he will build a ballet robot for her if she was nice to him.


  • Kenny's last name, Kawaguchi, is Japanese, so his full name would be ケニー・川口 (Kenii Kawaguchi)
  • Prior to the Backyard Sports, in Let's Explore The Airport (a game also made by Humongous), the announcer occasionally says that a wheelchair is needed in Gate K. It may have inspired Kenny.

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