Jimmy Knuckles


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Nickname(s) The Bully
Birthday N/A
Family N/A
Friend(s) N/A
Active? Unknown
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Last Appearance Backyard Sports Rookie Rush
Voice Actor(s) N/A


Jimmy Knuckles first appeared in Sandlot Sluggers and terrorized all the kids into quitting baseball. Soon, a new kid came to town and rounded up all the other captains for a showdown against Knuckles and his cronies. After being defeated, everyone asks him to join them in playing baseball and so, he no longer bullies them.

However, he only genuinely stops being a bully at the end of rookie rush, where he's beat by the all-stars.


  • In Sandlot Sluggers, Jimmy captains the team called "The Bullies" and plays his home games at "Meadowbrook Field".
  • In Rookie Rush, Jimmy captains the team called "Meadowbrook Monsters" and plays his home games at the "Phineas' Football Fair" field. The team's colors consist of primary black and a little bit of green as the secondary.