Ice Castle Street Hockey by raidpirate52

As appeared in Hockey 2005

Ice Castle Arcade is a selectable rink in Backyard Hockey 2005. It is one of two rinks to feature both ice hockey and roller hockey (other being Squirrel Creek's Shopping Center).

It is the only rink with an audience (with the exception of the playoffs rinks). There are many games in the arcade, some of which appear to be: A whack a mole, a skill crane, skeeball, air hockey. There are tables set up around the rink where kids gather to watch the game.

According to Sunny Day, Ice Castle Arcade is home to the "hottest pizza slice". Sunny Day and Buddy Cheque do their broadcasts at the end of the rink.

If the home team scores a goal a siren is played. If the away team scores, bells go off.