Home Field Advantage
Author Michael Teitelbaum
Illustrator Ron Zalme
Released September 18, 2008
Book no. 3
Preceded by Double Team
Followed by Hand-Off


Soccer season is underway and all of the Backyard Sports kids are all looking forward to their annual soccer tournament with teams from neighboring towns. But when their usual field is closed, the tournament might be over before it begins. Can the Backyard Sports kids find another field and get it ready in time to host the biggest soccer tournament yet, or will the whole gang get a red card?

Summary ( Spoilers)Edit

The story starts off with Achmed and Joey's soccer team called the Lightening were playing up against their rival, The Flyers in a game. After the Lightening won the game, Tony, who didn't come to the game on that day told his teams that the annual soccer tournament has been cancelled due to the water pipe in Miller Field (the ones that the tournament usually used) bursting. The kids were upset as they try to think about what to do to save the tournament. Pablo suggested to use their home field which the others commented that their field was too small and no one will come to play the tournament on their field. Dmitri thought that the others were wrong as he went home to type up an email to all the neighboring teams asking to have the tournament on their home field. The response of his emails were overwhelming as there so many teams that agreed to play on his team's home field. When he tells the others of this, they were first mad at Dmitri then decided to find another way to settle the problem. Dmitri had an idea to use an old field, Field Number Ten which no one had used for years. The team went to go check it out as they saw the field was a complete mess and ran into a ranger that told them they needed a permit to clean the field. In order to do this, they needed to go the city council to get the permit. The team was once again upset, believing that no one would give the permit to a 'bunch of kids'. However, the ranger gave them suggestions on how to go about getting a permit and show the council how serious to put the effort on cleaning the field in three days. At the meeting, Dmitri was nervous as he explained to the city council members about how serious they needed the permit to clean the fields. After so much waiting for their decision, the permit was granted leaving the team to clean the field the next day. It turned out in the end many came to help them clean the field the next day even the city council members. The team was able to have their annual soccer tournament as everything was saved.