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This is the "Hello" song. It's the first song featured in Backyard Basics 2. Sung by all the characters in the special.


Chorus: Sunny Day (Speaking) (To viewers): Hello and welcome to another Backyard sports day!

Pablo Sanchez (Singing) (To viewers): Hello, and welcome to backyard sports.

All players (To viewers): You are always Welcome for another day of backyard sports games!

Verse 1:

Earl Grey (Speaking): Are you ready to play a game of backyard sports?

All Players: Yes We Are!

Annie Frazier (Shouting): HERE WE GO!

Vinnie: We have all the uniforms, and the fields!

Dante (To viewers): So come on! Let's get playing!

Verse 2:

Annie (To viewers): When I see your smile hanging out with all of us, it makes me feel delighted! (Shouts) WOO!

Maria (To viewers): You are always Welcome for another day of backyard sports games!


Verse 3:

Pablo Sanchez (To viewers): Everybody's welcome, to come and have a visit.

Sidney Webber (To viewers): Just call our clubhouse phone! Will put you on the list.

Angela Delvecchio (To viewers): And if we don't answer, we're probably just in the shower.

Tony Delvecchio (To viewers): We don't pick up the phone, when we are in the mist.

(Chorus x2)

The end

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