Ground Rules:

1) If you are going to edit this wiki, it is encouraged to sign up for a Wikia/Fandom account. Anonymous wiki users, we don't mind you editing the pages but it would be a great help for the admins and other people know who you are ( We don't want to mistake you as a spammer or troll). It would be nice to find other Backyard Sports fans here.

2) No SPAMMING or TROLLING will be acceptable. Please contact us if you see someone spamming the wiki or revert the edits. Please contact DarkQueen110, LizardP, or Raidpirate52 if you see someone spamming the wiki or revert the edits. Please note, if we see you spamming, you will be BANNED without questions.

3) Spread the word on this wiki as much as possible. If you have a DA account, join this group: Backyard Sports Fan Club


5) No inappropriate language will be used in articles!

6) No overboard fanboyism over the newer games or older games in articles. Save that for blogs or your talk page.

7) PLEASE PLEASE! When you edit the articles, please do not edit the articles with fanfiction ideas or "couple shipping" ideas unless there is hard proof!! The articles are for INFORMATION AND FACTS ABOUT THE GAME ONLY! We are not a fanon Wikia. For fanfiction and fanon ideas go to this wiki: Backyard Sports Fanon Wiki

8) NO USER CALLOUTS. Callouts to users in the forum area, blogs, and article areas are not allowed. You can peacefully disagree on each other ideas in a MATURE manner. Warning will be issued if this role is broken.

We hope you will enjoy your time on the Backyard Sports Wikia!