The Fancy Pandas are a team in the Backyard Soccer series. They are the international team from China.


[English Name]/[National Name] ([Position])

Ling Wong/泠蜗嗯/泠蝸嗯 (Goalkeeper)

Yao Li/尧肋莪/堯肋莪 (Defender)

Fu Chu/傅出/傅出 (Defender/Midfielder)

Lei Cheng/李郑/李鄭 (Defender/Midfielder/Forward)

Yan Naifong/闫嗯挨芳/閆嗯挨芳 (Midfielder/Forward)

Ying Zhang/应遮嗯/應遮嗯 (Forward)

Han Xinheng/韩信珩/韓信珩 (Bench-warmer)

Jinpeng Ho/金鹏何/金鵬何 (Bench-warmer)

Note for national names: Simple Chinese/Traditional Chinese

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