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Duksana Pond

Duksana Pond in Backyard Hockey 2005

Duksana Pond is one of the hockey rinks in the Backyard Hockey series. The rink is a play on words "Ducks on a pond". This rink does not need to be unlocked and can be used for pick up games and used for home rink for season mode.

Backyard HockeyEdit

Backyard Hockey 2005Edit

A classic backyard hockey rink as it is played on a pond outside of a log cabin. There are kids building a snowman, ice fishing, and having a snowball fight. Sunny Day and Buddy Cheque are seen in front of the ice fisher during game time. The penalty box is a canoe.

When the away team scores then a duck (off screen) will quack. When the home team scores then a train horn is heard.

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