ACChen here. Here's a little trivia about the creators and developers of more modern games like Backyard Baseball 2009 and Backyard Football 2008.

Publisher: ATARI

This is the same company who created the infamous abominable E.T. game on Atari 2600. It has been considered to be the factor of the 1983 video game crash, it may have been true.


This is the same company who produced the Genesis version of the horrific Action 52 (or Cheetahmen) series. The NES version is considered to be another one of the worst ones, though the Cheetahmen theme is one of the best NES songs.

Look these games up on an emulator or something. You'll quickly realize the quality of these games.

By the way, the Angry Video Game Nerd already reviewed Action 52 and will take a look at the E.T. game in his full-length movie (careful, it has great profanity).

Atari, if you're gonna make another Backyard game, Quality Over Quanity please. "Quality Over Quanity." That's the AVGN's lesson to teach us.

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