The Cagey Bees are a team in the Backyard Soccer series. They are the international team from Russia.


[English Name]/[National Name] ([Position])
Sergei Gorshkov/Сергей Горшков (Goalkeeper)

Sasha Popov/Саша Попов (Defender)

Yuri Zubko/Юрий Зубко (Defender/Midfielder)

Aleksei Salenko/Алексей Саленко (Defender/Midfielder/Forward)

Vladimir Radchenko/Владимир Радченко (Midfielder/Forward)

Oxana Ternavaski/Оксана Тернаваский (Forward)

Iliya Karpin/Илья Карпин (Bench-warmer)

Igor Zlotnik/Игорь Злотник (Bench-warmer)


The team's name is based on the KGB, Russia's security agency.

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