Bryon "laces" Phelps

Birthdate: 2/18

Size: Small, skinny

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Small afro

Wears: Football jersey, grey skinny jeans

Music: Dubstep, alternative, rap

Skin Color: Dark

Eye Color: Dark brown

Sex: Male

Description: Bryon is one of the most athletic and energetic kids in town. He's a clubhouse favorite and is one the funniest kids sround, but on the field he's an good hitter, but his fielding ability is uncanny especially in the outfield where he uses his great jumping ability to nab home runs away from the wall. By the way, his all time favorite player is Willie Mays, if you're wondering. His nickname is laces because he never ties them.


Backyard Baseball

Hitting: 3/4

Running: 4/4

Pitching: 1/4

Fielding: 4/4

Backyard Soccer

Kicking: 2/4

Control: 4/4

Defense: 4/4

Running: 3/4

Backyard Football

Passing: 4/4

Catching: 4/4

Running: 4/4

Blocking: 4/4

Kicking: 2/4

Backyard Baseball 2001

Hitting: 8/10

Running: 9/10

Pitching: 5/10

Fielding: 10/10

Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

Kicking: 8/10

Control: 9/10

Defense: 8/10

Running: 9/10

Backyard Football 2002

Passing: 10/10

Catching: 10/10

Running: 10/10

Blocking: 8/10

Kicking: 5/10

Backyard Basketball

Inside Shooting: 9/10

Outside Shooting: 10/10

Ballhandling: 10/10

Defense: 9/10

Running: 10/10