This new Backyard Soccer Halloween Edition is made by Punchcar 63. It has all the backyard kids. The 30 kids' design is the same as Backyard Hockey. All of the kids have disguises in their cards. There's no pros accept for Cobi Jones, Brandi Chastain, Tiffany Milbret, and Carlos Valderrama. All of them have the same pose as Annie Frazier. You can still create a custom team but there's more of both team names and colors. Available colors: Red, Brown, Grey, Green, Light blue, Magenta, Dark Blue, Purple, Black, White, Yellow, Maroon, Orange, Tan, Pink and Chartreuse. You can turn the Halloween on or off. Pete, Luanne, and Dante all have different poses. They all have the same poses as the kids who's mouths show their teeth and tounge together.

This is what the kids dressed up as.

Achmed, Jorge, and Tony: Blue robots

Amir: Cat

Angela: Sailor Moon (Angela's Hair is Yellow with a blue hair band and Longer)

Annie, Brandi, Tiffany and Maria: Pirates (They all have blue pirate hats and navy outfits. Annie is a robot Pirate seen without her green bandanna which is replaced with a blue hair band and Maria has no pony tails)

Ashley: Pink Dog

Sidney: Green Dog

Billy Jean: Robot elephant

Dante: A duck

Dimitri: Wolfman

Ernie: Frankenstien

Luanne: Princess

Kenny and Reese: Martians

Jocinda, Stephanie, And Ronny: Spooky rabbits

Sally: Mermaid

Keisha: Yellow Monkey with purple hair

Kimmy: Red and yellow spider

Mikey: Cave man

Markey: Cow boy

Gretchen: Sailor Mini Moon (Gretchen's Hair is Pink and Longer)

Vicky: Fairy

Ricky (New and improved): Dj and Chef combined

Pete (New and improved): Purple bat

Carlos: Blue Cow

Cobi: Incredible Hulk

Lisa- Mouse

Pablo- Swag

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