Backyard Football is a game in the Backyard Football series. It was released in 2003.

Offical descriptionEdit

Grab the pigskin and hit the gridiron with your favorite pro stars! The fun of a schoolyard pickup game meets the NFL, when the Backyard Kids are joined by kid versions of the NFL's best! Kids control all the fun--they choose up sides, select a cool playing field and NFL uniform, and call all the shots. Players can guide their favorite stars down the field, sacking the quarterback or throwing a long bomb for a touchdown! It’s an exciting sports gaming experience like no other, from the #1 interactive sports series for kids. Ages 7 and up.


  • This is another game where the backyard kids get their new looks. 
  • This was one of the last games to be in hand-drawn animation.
  • Just like in Backyard Hockey, Annie sounds like Mr. Friend.


Annie Frazier (BFL04)
BFL04 3
BFL04 2

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