Backyard Basics 2 is a fanon television special that features the Backyard Kids and Pros. They teach the kids how to play soccer. It has no live action in it. Instead it has 13 songs. Even Gabe Sotillo (Animated in a dark blue sports jersey) is animated. Same as the first one.

Backyard Kids that appeared in the SpecialEdit

Webber twins

Other charactersEdit

Gabe Sotillo

Vinnie Gooch

Earl Grey

Sunny day

Pros featuredEdit

Tiffany Milbret

Brandi Chastain

Cobi Jones

Carlos Valderama


Hello song

5 minutes to the show



Practice makes progress

I need to find those pros

Kick that ball

Go for the goal

The green green grass blues

I like to eat a lot

The alphabet of soccer

Fun time

Soccer Jammin

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