Since the Backyard Sports series have gotten worse and worse and worse and worse and worse, I thought maybe a fan could create a fanmade game called "Backyard Baseball: The Reslugged Mix". There were unofficial yet excellent stuff like the reedit of the unfinished movie, "The Thief and the Cobbler" called "the Recobbled Cut", and a fanbased Sonic the Hedgehog game called "Sonic Mega Mix". So why not do the same with Backyard Sports? After all, The Recobbled Cut and Sonic Megamix made me believe fans could treat this series better than officials. I'm not that good at programming games but I'd really appreciate it if a fan of old Backyard games could do it for me and the other fans who would also appreciate it.

Here's my ideas of the Reslugged Mix:

1. You may need more than 1 CD because this one's gonna have twice as much data.

2. Have ALL 30 original Backyard kids, including the three newer kids (Arthur, Joey, and Sam) in the series' ORIGINAL design. I also recommend adding three other kids I created, "Boomer" Grover Vinton, "The Vampirette" Olivia Hasselhoff, and "Marzberry" Neena Marzberry (check Create Your Own Backyard Kid for detail). I don't want Spokey MacAdoo or any other fan created characters, OK? (No offense, Bryonjr, but...)

3. I'd rather not have the pros. It would be too hard to get the rights for them to appear, plus I want this to be more like the 97 version. If you want the pros, that's fine.

4. Retain the original audio and voice clips to the original kids, but add new voices (with good effort) to the newer characters, plus to Gretchen (who'll mention her brother Oz), Sunny Day and Vinny the Gooch (since they'll mention newer characters). Also add fitting theme songs for Arthur, Joey, Sam, Grover, Oz, and Ursula.

5. All the fields in 2003.

6. Great gameplay, great control, and great faithfulness to the original.

7. The animation for the newer kids as CLOSE to the original as POSSIBLE.

8. A bigger World Tour ending: each character has a specific picture in other parts of the world. (Example: Maria would be seen shy to hit a pinata in Mexico and Arthur would do Tai Chi on The Great Wall.)

9. Retain the original personalities.

10. When the Alluminum Power bat shows up for the non-computer team a first time in a game, the line "statu variabilis" from "O Fortuna" should play with the AP bat shining, creating more drama.

11. When the time is from 6:00 AM to 5:59 PM, it's daytime, and when it's from 6:00 PM to 5:59 AM, it's nightime.

12. etc. etc. (You'll get what I mean)

Take my word: it may take a while for this to happen but I believe a fan is Backyard Sports' newest and greatest hope to salvage it.