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Backyard Baseball 2005 is a sports video game developed by Humungous Entertainment. It was the first 3D Backyard Sports title. It was made for PlayStation2, PC, and GameCube.


  • Nomar Garciaparra
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Derek Jeter
  • Carlos Delgado
  • Alfonso Soriano
  • Ichiro Suzuki
  • Mike Piazza
  • Jim Thome
  • Dontrelle Willis
  • Sammy Sosa
  • Greg Maddux
  • Albert Pujols
  • Randy Johnson
  • Shawn Green
  • Eric Gagne
  • Barry Bonds (Gamecube version)

Intro VideoEdit

The intro video features several backyard kids playing a baseball game. Angela Delvecchio accidentally throws a wild pitch, which is hit by Pete Wheeler while he was in the On-Deck circle. Several accidents by the opposing team lead to Pete scoring an in-the-park home run. Pete was running so fast however, he ran through the fence.


  • The game features new music for the MLB pros and Backyard Kids. The only person with the same music was Pablo Sanchez.
  • The Quantum Field space theme was remade in Backyard Baseball 2007 as Area 51.
  • Once again, Mr. Clanky appears as an unlockable player. However in this game he can be drafted in a season and he has his own music.
  • Barry Bonds only appeared in the GameCube version of the game.
  • Alex Rodriguez appears on the cover, however he wears his Rangers uniform in the GameCube version, and his Yankees uniform in the PC version.
  • Mike Piazza wears his hat frontwards in this game, although he wore it backwards in the 2D games.
  • This game does not show a nickname for the players, but the nickname revelance was continued in Backyard Baseball 2007.
  • The players' player descriptions were taken from Backyard Baseball 2001 and 2003.
  • Both Mike Piazza and Randy Johnson state they have been allowed to be the drummer in the Khan brothers' band.
  • Greg Maddux's theme is similar to "Another Brick In the Wall (Part 2)" by Pink Floyd. It is also somewhat similar to "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen.
  • Randy Johnson mentions the true fact that he is a big fan of the prog rock band Rush.
  • Achmed Khan says his signature pitch is the 'Zig-Zag', however that specific pitch is not featured in the game.
  • Nomar Garciaparra mentions the true fact that his name is Nomar, and his name is his father's name, Ramon, backwards.
  • Greg Maddux mentions the true fact that he was born in Texas.
  • Sammy Sosa mentions the true fact that his favorite player is Roberto Clemente.
  • Jim Thome mentions the true fact that his middle name is Howard.
  • The music themes from Baseball 2005 were continued to be used in the following Backyard Sports games.
  • The art style of Baseball 2005 was also used in Backyard Hockey and Backyard Football 2006.

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