Backyard Baseball
Backyard baseball thumb
Game Information
Developer(s) Humongous Entertainment
Publisher(s) Humongous Entertainment
Platform(s) PC & Mac
Release Date(s) October 24, 1997
Input Device(s) Mouse, Keyboard, Game pad
Backyard Baseball is a sports game developed by Humongous Entertainment for the Windows and Mac operating systems in 1997. It is the installment edition in the Backyard Baseball series, and the first game published as a part of the Backyard Sports (then called "Junior Sports") series overall.

Gameplay Edit

There are two primary ways to play: The "Pick-Up Window," and "League Play."

Pick-Up Window Edit

The player can choose between "Spectator" mode (a simulated game between two generated teams of the backyard kids), "Batting Practice" (a mini-game in which the player can choose a player, and receive pitches from Mr. Clanky to practice batting), or a "Pick-Up Game." In a pick-up game, the player chooses between the seven fields available in the Pick-Up Window, and may also "create a team." The player then takes turn picking team members from a selection of some of the backyard kids, alternating with the CPU. The two teams play against each other on the selected field.

League Play Edit

In League Play, the player creates a team and picks nine players from the entire selection of the backyard kids, entering a team into the Backyard Baseball League (BBL). This league consists of eight teams created from custom team naming options, and a 14 season regular season. The teams with the best two records in the league at the end of the season are entered into the "BBL All-City Playoffs," which is a best-of-three series determining the team that will advance to the "Super Entire Nation Tournament." Upon winning this tournament, the player advances to the "Ultra Grand Championship of the Universe Series," which is a best-of-five series determining the overall world champion of Backyard Baseball. Winning this series beats the game and unlocks the "World Tour."

Fields Edit

Pick-Up Window Edit

League play Edit

Custom Teams and NamesEdit

Names Teams
Blue Bombers
Red Rockets
Crazy Hornets
White Socks
Green Giants
Little Wombats
Mighty Melonheads
Super-Duper All Stars
Humongous Monsters
Junior Fishes

Trivia Edit

  • In 2002, this installment of the Backyard Baseball series was re-released as a free CD-ROM in some select General Mills cereal boxes.

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