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Ashley Webber


Ashley Webber

Ashleynew era

Nickname(s) Little Smokey
Birthday February 18
Family Father
Sidney Webber (twin sister)
Shelby Webber (older sister)
Friend(s) N/A
Active? Yes
First Appearance Backyard Baseball
Last Appearance Backyard Sports NBA Basketball 2015
Voice Actor(s) Dolores Rogers (1997-2002)
Lani Minella (2002-2003)

Ashley Webber is a Backyard Sports character who has a twin sister named Sidney Webber. Together, they are the famous Webber Twins who confuse their opponents if they play on the same team.


Ashley Webber loves to play tennis like her sister Sidney. She has an overprotective father who is very passionate about the sisters playing tennis (for example, Mr. Webber would not want either of the girls to play as a pitcher because it would mess up their "tennis" arm.). She enjoys playing together with her sister in every sport. It is stated in Backyard Soccer MLS Edition that Ashley has a cat named Hamburger like Sidney said. In Backyard Soccer 2007, it was hinted that either Sidney or her have a crush on Tony Delvecchio. Also, Ashley along with Sidney comes off as their father's favorite assuming that he spoils them.


Trivia Edit

  • In Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers, Ashley shares the co-team captain position with Sidney called Geminis. Both her and her sister play their home games at the "Cul De Sac" field.
  • In Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush, Ashley is the captain of the team called the "East Side Lightning" and her field is called "The Commons" which is similar to the Playground Commons.
  • Ashley along with her sister, Sidney has returned for the new Backyard Sports game, Backyard Sports Baseball 2015.

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