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Amir Khan
Nickname(s) "Sticks"
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Family Achmed Khan (brother)
Iqbal (cousin)
Friend(s) N/A
Active? No
Last Appearance Backyard Baseball 2007 (cameo)
Voice Actor(s) Mark Lund (1997-2002)
Ryan Drummond (2002-2003)

Amir Khan, the drummer of the group, is a character in the Backyard Sports series. He likes to play the heavy metal drums and is the younger brother of Achmed Khan.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In the older Backyard Sports games (1997 to 2001), Amir very much resembles his brother, only he is shorter, has no headphones, and has an orange shirt. In 2005, He keeps his appearance from the past, only his shirt has been changed to dark red. Since Amir was discontinued, he no longer appears in the game.


Amir looks up to his big brother and dreams of playing drums in Achmed's band (however, in Backyard Soccer, he said he wanted to play bass).

In Backyard Baseball '03, he said he once made a poster for a contest at school about not littering with a rock band singing a song about littering. It did not win, though.

Player CardsEdit

Backyard SoccerEdit

Alone, Amir is a pretty decent player. Put him on a team with his brother Achmed, and he's a little powder keg."

Skill Ratings

Kicking BYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon Blank
Control BYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon
Defense BYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon
Running BYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon


  • Amir plays very well when he is on the same team as Achmed, but loses skill at pitching.
  • Originally, Amir wanted to play the bass guitar in Achmed's band someday. Somehow in the later games, he decides to play drums.
  • It is revealed by Achmed in Backyard Soccer that he and Amir are Pakistani.
  • Amir makes a cameo appearance as a custom character in Backyard Baseball 2007 in season mode. In Football 2008, Achmed said Amir is performing in a different band than the Knights of Rockville (the one Achmed is in).
  • While Achmed appears in Backyard Baseball 2015; once again, Amir is absent from the game and no reference to him is made.

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