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Ace Patterson

Ace Patterson

Placeholder person

Placeholder person

Nickname(s) Acer
Birthday N/A
Family N/A
Friend(s) N/A
Active? Unknown
First Appearance Backyard Sports:Rookie Rush
Last Appearance Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush
Voice Actor(s) N/A

Ace Patterson is a child born in a military family. Because of this, he has moved around a lot and never had any time to make friends. However, his family is very knowledgeable to the sport of football. Because of this, when he is first introduced he comes off as very cocky.

Personality Edit

Ace's Story Edit

"If you think you are good enough to beat me, your head must be in the clouds." (Ace's first words). Then before you play him for the finals he says "It's all come down to this. The tournament final. I can already taste the victory."

At the tournament final, it appears Ace is moving out again after the final game. When you defeat his team, Pablo goes over to him and invites him to "join the party". Ace gets sad over the fact he's leaving again, but it turns out his family is here to stay in Meadowbrook. Ace finally makes some friends.

Triva Edit

As there have been no new games announced since the Epic Gear buyout, Ace Patterson may very likely be the last character made in the Backyard Sports series by Atari.

His home field is "The Abandoned" and his team is called "The Invincibles" wearing navy blue uniforms. The Abandoned is an abandoned air field.