Acc logo

Carpet Sweepers logo in the original Backyard Soccer

The Abominable Cherry-Pickers are an NPC team in the Backyard Soccer series. As such, it is never possible to select them to use in a "single game." The team can only be encountered in the Off-The-Wall Indoor Invitational Tournament (along with the Rug Burners, Hat Tricksters, Carpet Sweepers, and Turf Mowers). Their uniforms are red (primary) and light green (secondary).

Pro Sports Arena Crazy All Stars2

Off-The-Wall Indoor Invitational tournament match between Abominable Cherry-Pickers and Crazy All Stars at Pro Sports Arena

Trivia Edit

  • In indoor soccer, cherry-picking is the practice of a forward staying behind the opposing team's last defender. This would not normally be a viable strategy in soccer because the "cherry-picker" would be in an off-side position, however indoor soccer generally doesn't have any off-sides rules.

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